Volunteer Procedures
(Central Pres)

  • (NEW!) Before you arrive at Central Night Shelter, get the code to open the 2 new gates. The Street Crew Person should open the walkway gate and close it at 7:15 pm after all guests are in. The driveway gate will automatically close at 7:15 pm. If anyone needs to get out with the gate shut, simply drive up to the STOP HERE line and the gate should automatically open.

  • 6:00 pm Arrive at Central Night Shelter. Ring the outside doorbell and the Street Crew Person will let you in. If you park in the Central Presbyterian Church alleyway, you must not block access to the dumpster.

    • NO SMOKING is allowed in the Shelter by anyone at any time. And no food is to be given out ever to people coming to the door.

    • No weapons allowed for guests or volunteers.

    • The Street Crew Person will let in the Clean-Up Crew to disinfect and set out the mats and to set up tables and chairs.

    • Make decaffeinated coffee in the large pot. Directions: Use two large packs of coffee (or 2/3 of a 39 oz. can). Fill water to 80 cups. Plug in and turn on.

    • Find the fire extinguisher and the emergency exits.

    • Replenish sugar and creamer jars and salt and pepper shakers.

    • Familiarize yourself with the Guest Sign-In Book and the Volunteers' Register Book. Fill in the Volunteers' Register Book information for tonight. The Street crew will check the men in, and may ask for assistance

    • Set both door alarms at the “3 o'clock” position.

    • Set out mats for at least the same number of Guests who were at the Shelter last night. The Trainer will show you how to position the mats.

    • Set the dining area (tables and chairs, napkins, plastic ware, ice water or tea, salt & pepper, hot sauce)for supper for Guests, plus the overnight volunteers, trainer, cooks, and any other guests.

    • Replenish the bathrooms and showers: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, deodorant.

    • Elect (or appoint) a Captain of the overnight volunteers. Decide on stay- awake shifts for the night.

  • 7:00 pm The Street Crew Person will admit the Guests. Station a volunteer at the door to welcome the Guests and to help him/her with any problems.

    • Working with the street person, Write each Guest's name in the Guest Sign-In Book. Note Clean-Up Crew members (maximum 6). Note any special wake-up times and where that Guest will be sleeping.

    • Do not let any Guest in before his name is recorded in the Guest Sign-In Book.

    • TUESDAYS Bring Blue recycling container down stairs

  • 7:15 pm The Street Crew Person will close the shelter for the night. No guest is to be admitted after 7:15 pm for any reason. Do not answer the outside bell which rings in the kitchen, unless you know that volunteers are arriving late or that sandwiches are being delivered on the first Monday of each month.

    • Ask the Guests for a volunteer to ask the Blessing. Eat supper with the Guests. 8:00 pm _

    • After supper, clean the tables. Put away all food, except any extra desserts. Make sure all ovens are OFF.

    • After the supper crew leaves, lock the elevator door so no one can leave from the fourth floor (except by the stairs). Guests should not leave after supper. Please record their names

    • When Guests are finished showering, wash and dry the towels (including the kitchen towels) , then lock the door to the showers. Guests are not permitted to wash their personal clothes in the washing machines. * = The Clean-Up Crew normally does this task. Just make sure that it gets done.

  • 8:30 pm Lights out, except for the TV viewing area near the elevators.

    • Prepare bagged combo breakfast/lunches for the Guests. If available, pack extra food in the lunch bags for the Clean-Up Crew.

  • 11:00 pm Turn off the TV. If there is a game on, wait until it is over. The overnight volunteers may want to leave the TV on all night, with the sound turned off.

  • ____ am Volunteer shift change.

  • ____ am Volunteer shift change.

  • ____ am Special wake-up time for Guest.

  • 2:30 am Make fresh coffee. See directions above.

  • ____ am Special wake-up time for Guest.

  • 5:00 am Lights On.

    • Unlock the fourth floor elevator door and station a volunteer (or two) on the first floor in the lobby. As each Guest exits the elevator on the first floor, hand him a bagged breakfast/lunch. Once a Guest exits the elevator, do not allow him to go back upstairs.

  • 6:00 am All Guests, except the Clean-Up Crew, should be gone.

    • Supervise Clean-Up Crew: Maximum five inside: mats put away, floors swept and mopped, bathrooms and showers cleaned, dining area cleaned and tables and chairs put away, trash taken out. One outside: trash and cigarette butts picked up around the Church. Give lunch to Clean-Up Crew as they leave.

    • Volunteers must leave the kitchen and volunteer suite (upstairs) clean.

  • 6:30 am Close all windows. Turn off all lights. Lock all doors, except kitchen and main door (see next item).

    • Here’s the trick to getting out of the locked building! Leave the fourth floor elevator door lock in the “on” position (the lock outside the elevator), but lock the first floor elevator door (turn the lock outside the elevator to the “down” position) with the door open. Get on the elevator and go back to the 4th floor. Then put the Shelter keys in the key holders in the kitchen, lock the kitchen and main doors behind you as you leave, get on the elevator, and exit the building. (If you forget to leave the keys, bring them back TODAY!) Later

  • Call Ana to report any problems. See phone numbers below. Have a nice day. And THANK YOU for volunteering.


  • Phone Numbers

    • Emergency: 911 (Your location is Central Presbyterian Church Night Shelter, 201 Washington St., corner of Washington St. and MLK, 4th floor)

    • Central Shelter: 404-601-3144 Shrine Shelter: No phone service.

    • Ana Bailie (Shelter Director): Cell: 404-754-9361, do not use 404-373- 8486

    • Heather Hunter ( vol. Coordinator) 404 276 6910

    • Sue Briss (Food), Cell: 678-570-3262

    • Colleen O’ Rourke Cell: 404-277-3752

    • Kathyrn Masters 470-270-9231

    • Gateway 404 215 6600

  • Excused absences – any guest requesting an excused absence needs to tell the Street Crew member so it gets into the computer system. Overnight volunteers can no longer write notes in the sign-in book – e.g., “M. Brown will be out tomorrow and back the next night.” The Street Crew and Trainers will need to make announcements to the guests because this will be a change from last year.

  • Also DO NOT LET ANYONE COME IN LATE, unless it is documented.

  • Because the keys to Central were lost twice last year, overnight volunteers will need to be reminded not to leave until the keys are placed back in the kitchen (not rely on the clean-up crew to do it).

  • Revised 11/07/2016


Central Presbyterian Church
201 Washington Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30303 

Follow the general directions to Central Presbyterian Church at the following link. https://plus.google.com/102764791917985902539/about?showBlocked=true 


There is a gate that spans the alley and sidewalk on the Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. side of Central Presbyterian Church. If it is closed when you arrive, use the code to open either gate. If you do not know the code, please call or text one of the coordinators listed below. NOTE: Do not park on the yellow portion of the alley; the gate will not close.



Anyone bringing food items to the Central location should enter the alley behind the church, off of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. You may remain parked in the alley while you are at the shelter. Be sure to NEVER BLOCK THE DUMPSTERS. Two car lengths of clearance is needed for the dumpsters to be emptied, which can occur at any time of day or night.



There is very limited parking in the alley accessed from Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Please park on the street if you don't find a space in the alleyway when you first arrive. You can then move the car to the alleyway once all the food volunteers leave. You can always park at Underground Parking, but the fee is $20 a night. Be sure to NEVER BLOCK THE DUMPSTERS. Two car lengths of clearance is needed for the dumpsters to be emptied, which can occur at any time of day or night.

The Shrine parking lot is also an option, if space is available. If you park at the Shrine, be sure the overnight volunteers staffing the Shrine know your car is there, and that they wait for you to retrieve your car in the morning before they lock the gate to the street.



Located at the back of Central Presbyterian Church. Go up the steps from the alley to the glass doors. If no one is there to let you in, ring the doorbell to the left of the doors. Once inside, turn left to the elevator and take it to the 4th floor.



Ana Bailie, Overnight Volunteer Coordinator  404-754-9361

Sue Briss, Food Coordinator  678-570-3262

Jessie Bashor, Food Coordinator  404-291-3865

Kathy Masters, Overnight Volunteer Coordinator  470-270-9231